Who are You?

The Public Records Publications/Fax 1 report includes information from the Magistrate, State, Federal and Superior Courts.  We include data on property transfers including warranty and security deeds, liens, and quit claims, as well as divorces, complaints, garnishments, dispossessory warrants and bankruptcies.  Other reports contain new business licenses, new building permits, marriage licenses, death certificates, government liens filed and canceled, septic tank permits and a weekly calendar of business events.

Do you offer foreclosures information?

We get quite a few telephone calls asking us for foreclosure information. The only information we provide is on foreclosures after they have already been foreclosed at the courthouse steps. You would have a better chance learning about foreclosures from reading the newspapers of record in the county you interested in. The Brunswick News publishes most of it's foreclosures every Saturday evening in the classified section. We have provided the websites of each of the newspapers of record for the counties we serve. We have also provided the website of Hudson and Marshall, a real estate auction company that handles a lot of auctions of foreclosures in the Southern area.

How can your report help me?

     Each Public Records Publications/Fax 1 report can be helpful to your business. When an individual or company name appears, it can mean a business opportunity for you.  New property transfers, business licenses, building permits, etc. may signify a growth outlet for your goods and services. Property transfers are a current market value indicator.  Court actions may also alert you to possible negative business factors.

What types of businesses use this information and how can this information help my business?

Tell me about your database products.

   All the information featured in Public Records Publications/Fax 1 is maintained for future reference in our Public Records Publications/Fax 1" computer databases.  Searches can be ordered by an individual name, company name, street address or by subdivision.  Information found can then be faxed directly to the subscriber, usually at little or no extra cost.  Our database files can also be purchased on a weekly basis so you may perform your own queries without calling Public Records Publications/Fax 1. Contact the publisher for more details concerning this service.

How can I get a sample report? Click here

You can e-mail us at pmeschke@fax1net.com and request a sample report. please include the e-mail address you wish it to be sent to. Also, please tell us which county you wish to sample. If you wish to call us, we can be reached at 912-638-FAX1 (3291). our fax number is 912-638-FAXX (3299).


Glynn County: A weekly report

Via US Mail:      $55.00 per quarter                             $175.00 per year

Via local fax:     $40.00 per quarter                             $140.00 per year

Via e-mail:         $35.00 per quarter                             $120.00 per year

 Camden County: A bi-weekly report

Via US Mail:     $40.00 per quarter                              $140.00 per year

Via e-mail:         $40.00 per quarter                            $140.00 per year

McIntosh County: a monthly report

Via US Mail:     $35.00 per quarter                              $125.00 per year

Via e-mail:        $35.00 per quarter                              $125.00 per year

Tell me about your database services.

Database services:

The Fax 1 Query Builder software for Windows 98, NT, ME, XP                   $195.00 + 6% sales tax

A database program that does searches of Deeds, Building Permits & Court Cases, updated weekly. 

Current users include Real Estate Brokers & Appraisers, Financial Institutions, Churches & Governmental 


 Database services for Glynn County (includes a copy of weekly e-mail report)

Historical data from March of 1991.

$165.00 per quarter                                         $575.00 per year

 Database services for Camden County (includes a copy of bi-weekly e-mail report) historical data 

from March of 1998.

$90.00 per quarter                                         $325.00 per year

 Database services for McIntosh County (currently only deeds)

Historical data from January 2001. Available February 2004

$75.00 per quarter                                         $275.00 per year

 I'm interested in the database services, show me more.