A list of our services:

Public Records Publications/Fax 1 Report


This report includes information from the Magistrate, State, Federal and Superior Courts.  We include data on  property transfers

including warranty and security deeds, liens, and quit claims, as well as divorces, complaints, garnishments, dispossessory warrants and bankruptcies.  In addition are new business licenses, new building permits, marriage licenses, death certificates, IRS liens filed and

cancelled, septic tank permits and a calendar of business events.


                                        Glynn County: A weekly report

        Via e-mail:         $45.00 per quarter                         $150.00 per year


                                        Camden County: A bi-weekly report

        Via e-mail:          $50.00 per quarter                         $175.00 per year


                                        McIntosh County: A month report

        Via e-mail:        $45.00 per quarter                           $150.00 per year