Database Services:

This product had been used by local real estate professionals since September 1999 and we have proven that it will perform well in the Windows 98/XP and Windows NT/2000 environments. We have determined that our performance standards are not met in the Windows 95 environment and encourage our customers to consider upgrading to Win 98/XP or Win NT/2000 if you plan to use this software.

  Fax 1 Query Builder Software Benefits:

                      Example of the Fax 1 Query Builder, Deeds Form


Minimum System requirements:

                         Pentium based computer or equivalent.

                         Windows 98/XP or Windows 2000/Windows NT (Service Pack 4 or 5) operating system.

                         32 Megs RAM (preferably 64 Megs RAM or more).

                         CD-ROM (or network access to a CD-ROM).

                         Sound Card (for tutorial movies).

                         200 Megs free hard drive space.

                         We have not certified this software for operation over a network. We have developed any easy 

                           work around that will assist in the ease of multiple users in a network environment.


Software & other requirements:

                     E-mail software (Outlook, Etc.) and capability to receive weekly updates (e-mail address).

                     Some working knowledge of Windows operating system.

                     Owner or official of company needs to sign an on-site license agreement. A copy of this 

                          agreement is available upon request. The contract is downloadable by right clicking here.


Database services:

The Fax 1 Query Builder software for Windows 98, NT, ME, XP                   $195.00

A database program that does searches of Deeds, Building Permits & Court Cases, updated weekly.

Current users include Real Estate Brokers & Appraisers, Financial Institutions, & Governmental agencies.

 Database services for Glynn County (includes a copy of weekly e-mail report)

Historical data from March of 1991.

$165.00 per quarter                                      $575.00 per year

 Database services for Camden County (includes a copy of bi-weekly e-mail report)

Historical data from March of 1998.

$100.00 per quarter                                      $360.00 per year


Database services for McIntosh County (includes a copy of monthly e-mail report)

Historical data on deeds from 01/2001. Building Permits & Courts start at 01/2004

                        $75.00 per quarter                                        $275.00 per year


When purchasing this software, you will receive one CD-ROM copy of our software, installation instructions, and a help manual & tutorial movies on the CD-ROM.

A complimentary copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 4.0) will also be on the CD-ROM available for installation. This program is necessary to read the help files & read our reports that are transmitted via e-mail.

If you are a current subscriber to one of our publications, we will prorate any existing subscription that is more than two months prepaid toward the payment of our Fax 1 Query Builder database service.

  For more information, call Paul Meschke. Info is at Company Profile at Home Page.