Terms Explained


    Warranty Deed (WD) - a deed warranting that the grantor (Seller) has a good title free and clear of all encumbrances and will defend the grantee (Buyer) against all claims.

    Security Deed (SD) - commonly referred to as a mortgage. A conveyance of property, upon condition, as security for the payment of a debt or the performance of a duty, and to become void upon payment or performance according to the stipulated terms; also, the written instrument by which the conveyance is made. In the state of Georgia, title is transferred from the owner (Grantor) to the Grantee (the mortgage company or lender).

    Lien- a charge upon real or personal property for the satisfaction of some debt or duty ordinarily arising by operation of law.
            OR : the security interest created by a mortgage.

    Foreclosure-a legal proceeding that bars or extinguishes a mortgagor's right of redeeming a mortgaged estate.

How to read this part of our report.

Bk  Deed Transfer Tax 

Pg  Type Or Loan Amount  Grantor                Grantee                Location and Legal Description                

1837  WD $  150.00       Homeowner, Previous    Newbuyer, Happy        Lot 3, Pristine Estates, **395 Easy Street

064                      & Former               & Proud

1837  SD $130.000.00     Newbuyer, Happy        National Pride Federal Lot 3, Pristine Estates, **395 Easy Street

066                      & Former               Credit Union


In the above example, in the WD, Mr & Mrs Previous and Former Homeowner are granting title of the property that they owned to Mr & Mrs Happy and Proud Newbuyer. The Newbuyers are paying $150,000 for the property. The amount of $150.00 is the transfer tax ($1 per thousand) that is charged by the State of Georgia. The transaction was recorded at the County Superior Court in Deed Book 1837, Page 064. The legal description of this property was Lot 3, Pristine Estates and the street address is 395 Easy Street. The area and date would already be presorted in the body of the report.

Next, as recorded in Deedbook 1837, Page 066, the Newbuyers turn around and borrow $130,000.00 from the National Pride Federal Credit Union. The property, Lot 3, Pristine Estates, is being used as collateral for the loan.

All sales prices in our report are reported in the form of a transfer tax. Simply multiply the amount of transfer tax by $1,000 to determine the sales price. Other examples of sales prices reported as transfer tax:

$18.00 would represent a sales price of $18,000.00

$18.50 would represent a sales price of $18,500.00

$18.55 would represent a sales price of $18,550.00

$1,188.00 would represent a sales price of $1,188,000.00

Other notes about this section of the report:

    Quite frequently in our report, you will see that just a Security Deed (SD) will appear without a Warranty Deed (WD) preceding it. Typically in this situation, the property owner is refinancing their mortgage or taking out a second mortgage or home equity loan on the property.

    If you see a Warranty Deed (WD) and do not see a Security Deed (SD) following it, chances are the new owner did not use the acquired property as collateral in the financing of the purchase of the property. They probably choose to pay for the property with cash or perhaps borrowed money on another property or perhaps a noncollateralized loan.

    Two or more Security Deeds (SD) following a Warranty Deed (WD) just means that the new property owner choose to record a separate second mortgage on the acquired property and/or another property in the county.


Bk                                                                                          Deed

Pg    Grantor                       Grantee           Location And Legal Description        Type    Amount 

0033  Owner, Tom & Mary             Workman, Bob;     Lot 7, Lucky Acres, **125 Hard Drive  Lien  $3,899.22

242                                 Carpenter, Chip


In the above example, Bob Workman & Chip Carpenter have filed a lien on the property located at Lot 7, Lucky Acres with a street address of 125 Hard Drive. The property is owned by Tom & Mary Owner. The lien was filed in the Superior Court in deed book 0033, page 242.



Pg    Grantor                 Lender                             Grantee                       

1834  Nasium, Jim             MS DOS Service Corp                Rich, I M



In this example, Jim Nasium's property has been foreclosed on by MS DOS Service Corp. I M Rich bought the property at the courthouse steps and is now the new owner of the property that was formerly owned by Jim Nasium.


Pg    Grantor                 Lender                             Grantee                       

1878  Storms, Wendy           1st Bank of Peabody                1st Bank of Peabody



In the above example, Wendy Storm's property has been foreclosed on by the 1st Bank of Peabody. 1st Bank of Peabody was the highest bidder or the only bidder and is now the owner of the property formerly owned by Wendy Storms.


    The definitions listed on this page are only for the convenience of the user. Please consult an attorney or a legal website that you trust for a more information or explanations.

    Plantiff - The person who initiates a lawsuit. The person who initiates a lawsuit by filing a complaint is called the plaintiff. When the document that initiates a lawsuit is called a petition rather than a complaint, the initiating person is usually referred to as the petitioner rather than the plaintiff.

    Defendant - In criminal cases, the person accused of the crime. In civil matters, the person or organization that is being sued. The person against whom a lawsuit is filed is usually called the defendant. In some states, or in certain types of actions, the defendant is called the respondent. The term respondent is also used to designate the person responding to an appeal.

    Note: People often ask why we list the defendant first in our report when lawsuits list the Plaintiff first. Our surveys have shown that most readers of our report are more concerned with who is being sued, not who is doing the suing. Listing the defendant first is just a way of making it more convenient for our readers to scan the report quickly and effectively.

    Divorce-the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage. Note: Divorces are sometimes filed, but not always finalized.

    Marriage-the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law.

    Complaint-a formal allegation against a party.

    Dispossessory Warrant-to put out of possession or occupancy, typically for non-payment of rent or violation of lease terms.

    Garnishment-a legal summons or warning concerning the attachment of property to satisfy a debt;  a stoppage of a specified sum from wages to satisfy a creditor; In law, attachment of a debtor's wages to satisfy a judgment.

Under a garnishment order, the court requires the employer to deduct and pay to the creditor a percentage of the debtor's salary until the debt is satisfied.

   Bankruptcy-the legal process involved: the administration of an insolvent debtor's property by the court for the benefit of the debtor's creditors. Filing by a debtor is called voluntary bankruptcy; involuntary bankruptcy is declared by the court upon petition by a creditor. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code makes four types of relief available to bankrupt individuals or corporations: liquidation (under Chapter 7), reorganization (Chapter 11), debt adjustment for a family farmer (Chapter 12), and debt adjustment for an individual with a regular income (Chapter 13). Municipalities may file under Chapter 9. Generally, not all debts are paid in a bankruptcy. The court determines which debts are to be repaid, and the debtor is typically granted a discharge of the rest.

New Building Permits:

Our new building permits are displayed in five columns.

    The first column shows the permit number and an abbreviated description of the type of building permit.

    The second column displays the owner of the property, the owner's address given to the permit office. Some municipalities do not list the owner. In that situation, we list the contractor's name. Some municipalities do not list the owner or the contractor. In that case, we list whatever info was available.

    The third column shows the the contractor listed on the permit at the permit office. If no contractor is listed, Owner will appear.

    The fourth column shows the location of the activity of the permit. In addition to the location, we display a brief description of the work listed in the permit.

    The last column shows the amount of cost estimated to complete the work described in the permit. Note: Keep in mind that this cost listed does not include the cost of the property that is being improved.

New Business Licenses:

Our new business licenses are listed in three columns.

    In the first column, we list the name of the business, the name listed on the license, and if possible, a phone number.

    The second column lists the type of business as listed on the license.

    The last column shows the location of the new business.

Glynn County Ordinance, 2-6 Occupation Tax Ordinance, states that Occupation tax means a tax levied for revenue raising purposes on persons, partnerships, corporations or other entities for engaging in a occupation, profession or business. Note: Sometimes the business listed is not a new business. The ownership may have changed, the location has changed or perhaps a new location is being listed.

U S Government Liens:

In this report we list any IRS liens that have been filed or cancelled. If possible, we will list a case number.

Septic Tank Permits:

In the section, we list septic tank permits provided by the health dept. listed is the permit number, the name on the permit and the location of where the permit will be used. Note: Septic tank permits are sometimes the first indication of construction.

Death Certificates:

This report lists Glynn County residents over the age of 18 who have died in Glynn County. The approximate age listed is only an approximate age. We have the computer subtract the birth date from the the date of death to calculate an approximate age. Note: Sometimes you will see the same address used on a frequent basis. This may be the address of the nursing home that the individual lived at when they died.

Calendar of Events:

In Glynn County, we list some events that we feel might be of interest to business people in Glynn County. This list is by no means considered to be a comprehensive list. We try to list educational classes of interest, Business after Hours, seminars provided by the Chamber of Commerce or the Small Business Development Center.